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Children's Church

We are happy to see you!

Due to the continual changes surrounding Covid-19, our program is currently on hold.


This page is intended to provide background on what we offer for Children's Church.

Please feel free to also reach out to the church at with any questions or to learn more how our Children's Church can serve you!

Several years ago, 7 denominations did a nationwide congregational study looking for what led to young adults to grow in their faith and stay connected to a faith community as young adults and beyond. They asked the question “What actions and activities of congregations have measurable consequences in the faith lives of young people?


Did they find that it was a big flashy youth programming, large congregations, or even "contemporary" worship?  No, it was the spirit and culture of a congregation that had the greatest impact.  Congregations that saw children as integral parts of their faith community.  Congregations that not just welcomed children and youth but embraced them, showed them they mattered, and empowered them. Congregations where it was the work of the whole church to minister and nurture the faith of young people and not simply the work of "youth leaders".  


Children's Church is one way we are doing just that at Emmanuel. It's not the flashiest Christian Education program but is a program of caring adults, modeling and teaching the LOVE of God to our children.  The possibilities of this ministry, while heading into its second year, have only just begun.  We are excited to see the positive impact this has had on our children already. 


Our goal in this next year it to expand and grow Children's Church through special family events and hopefully the addition of a second class each Sunday.  To do this we need your help!  We are looking for volunteers who want to show our young people the love of God: through story, prayer, song, and active faith lessons.  No experience necessary!  We walk you through each step and plan each lesson for you.  You have gifts to give and a faith story to share with the children of Emmanuel.  

If you are wondering if this is for you or if you have questions about what volunteering entails - please reach out to Pastor Chris or Pastor JJ.  We would love to talk to you and tell you more.  

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