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Growing In Faith Together

What is G.I.F.T.

Join us for the third year of GIFT, Growing in Faith Together.


GIFT presents fellowship and learning for all. This new series provides an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our faith.

Gift has been offered for the past two years as a way for individuals and the Emmanuel community to support each other and increase our faith. The 2019-2020 year will provide this same opportunity. The focus for GIFT will be Expressions of Our Faith through the Experiences of Women of Faith. The sessions will give us an opportunity to consider ways that women have expressed their faith throughout the generations.

Everyone is invited to come and join us following worship in the Adult Sunday School Room for fellowship, prayer, and focused conversation. GIFT is an opportunity that you will not want to miss.

All are invited to share in this learning opportunity.

This year the focus of G.I.F.T will be "Expressions of Our Faith through the Experiences of Women of Faith"


Topic: Generosity

Facilitator: Tom

Read, think, and learn about Generosity by referring to with the PDF presentation below.


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